Inspector William

Hsing Tian Kong Temple is dedicated to Guan Yu, the patron god of businessmen; visitors come daily to have their fortune interpreted. After choosing a stick with a number on it, I head inside where a man dressed in a robe interprets the Chinese characters on my fortune. “What did you ask the savior?” he says.

The new handset would be part of Google’s “Android One” programme, which the company first debuted in India in 2014. Google is asking manufacturers of Android One devices to follow close guidelines that promise a pure Android experience without unnecessary customisations and timely software updates. In exchange, the company is promoting Android One devices with ad campaigns and more..

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Well, the overall perspective is we’re not one of the best teams in the competition. If we were we would have been able to beat them and we would have been sitting with one loss or two losses like the best teams, like Hawthorn, Port Adelaide, Syndey and Geelong. They are clearly ahead of us and we are in the ruck with four four.

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We don’t need to notice the red veins in our companion’s nose as we cut into that magenta steak. Nor do we need to be able to count every button on the vest of the guy 15 tables away. A restaurant is not a bus station bathroom, and a bank of neon suspended from the center of the ceiling does not qualify as restaurant lighting..

The Twins put Minnesota back on the pro sports map after basketball’s Lakers had forsaken Minneapolis for Los Angeles. The Twins drew big crowds to Met Stadium throughout the 60s, and in 1965 Griffith was named baseball’s executive of the year, as Minnesota won the American League pennant before dropping the World Series to Sandy Koufax and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Twins continued to operate as a family business and Calvin Griffith was the patriarch.