Month: September 2015

Aircel, a top -down organisation in terms of compensation and benefits, turned the pyramid upside down only to discover that it worked wonderfully in its favour!

With this acquisition, the organisational advisory firm will have an edge over rivals in attracting top talent and designing compensation and reward incentives.  

Now that the Boss has placed his hand over his shoulders, the man will now move from an ‘Needs Improvement’…

The integrated, two and a half year-long ‘Work while you study’ programme, will see selected students working for three days and studying on campus for two days.

Employee performance and productivity play an important role at any workplace. Minor factors, such as no-clutter, good lighting, better infrastructure and a fun environment can go a long way in facilitating efficiency at work. 

Google and the Tatas have come together to launch Android Nanodegree programmes in India.

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, the newly formed company hopes to reduce costs by $ 2.7 billion through this layoff. 

When in a tight schedule, the 30-30-30-10 rule turns out to be quite effective. It helps in making a confident decision. Here is how.