Month: December 2015 stands for Location, Offer and Reservation. The need for ‘Table Reservation’ services has been increasing exponentially for various reasons including increased disposable income, drastic change in lifestyle, exponential increase in number of restaurants, customer willingness to experience new cuisine and exposure to international concepts.

As the end of the year 2015 approaches, it is time to think of the HR disruptions and innovations one is likely to see in 2016, and beyond. One may not have the perfect handle of all changes happening but directionally these are some of the likely occurrences.

As the new year starts knocking on the door, there will be predictions galore. So, here is what Abhijit Bhaduri thinks could be the future of learning for each sun sign. Pun Intended, just read and enjoy!

Putting employees under surveillance to measure efficiency, and ensure data security is a common practice. However, constant surveillance also increases fear and stress levels in employees and decreases trust levels.  

The game not only allows business leaders to see the immediate impact of the use of Key Principles on their team’s performance and level of engagement, but also improves  their situational judgment as to which key principle to use and when, in challenging situations.

In the UK, a 10 per cent increase in professional and technical skills over the next 10 years can  mean an increase in GDP by £163 billion by 2025.