AI-enabled chatbot, Amara, from HireXp to be launched in India

This customisable conversational chatbot will fulfil all the needs of HR and TA professionals.


HireXP, the HR tech company, is officially launching Amara, an embodied conversational chatbot in India today. This artificial intelligence (AI) enabled bot will converse with employees and help identify those who are disengaged. This will also cut down the attrition levels in the organisations.

More than 25,000 clients are already benefitting from Amara in the US, Dubai, Philippines and Singapore, after a soft launch last quarter.

The bot will continuously monitor the employees’ behaviour and reactions and suggest the remedial actions required to retain existing and potential employees.

Capable of being customised to fulfil the specific objectives of human resource and talent assessment (TA) professionals, the bot is equipped to handle thousands of users and chat sessions daily, and respond real fast.

It can analyse sentiments and is adept at natural language processing. Therefore, it can analyse the responses of the employees or candidates and forecast their overall engagement and experience with the company.

Amara can be incorporated into any organisation’s internal systems and also work on whatsapp, sms and various other channels. She can converse and interact with employees like a human anytime, without the need of any human intervention at all.

Looks like bots are all set to take over the HR world. Last year, Tech Mahindra had introduced an AI-powered mood-o-meter to help gauge the mood the employees. This interactive bot assesses the feelings of the employees and notifies the managers if there is something amiss, so that they can take the right remedial actions on time.

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