Are you the CEO with motherly instinct?

They work tirelessly for business and employee needs; love the workforce unconditionally, and juggle multiple roles effortlessly.


Wearing multiple hats is not uncommon for mothers. Moreover, when ‘mothers’ decide to take some time off, an army of people — chef, cleaner, nanny, nurse, teacher and chauffeur— are ushered in to take on their roles and responsibilities.

Sitting at the head of the table, the CEO can be compared to a mother — a multi-faceted personality who nurtures the business so that it grows, just like Jack’s bean stalk.

In an organisation, parenting is as dynamic as it is at home, if not more.

Feed more to grow more

The diet plan aka capital required for the baby’s growth is put in place after lengthy discussions with the father (CFO). The CEO is growth greedy— she wants to feed the business (children) with more and more capital and make it BIG. But, the CFO (father) talks her out, drawing her attention to the dangers, such as obesity, sluggishness, over-spending and more.

Sibling rivalry

Well, this drains the CEO’s time and energy quicker than water from a desert. Hearing, negotiating and counselling a bunch of vertical heads, who can be two to twenty in number, and then proceeding very carefully, can be very challenging. After all, mothers cannot be biased. They cannot take sides.

Intuitive decision making

The CEO occupies the ideal position from where the right decisions for the business are sourced. The best ideas come from the deep-seated intelligence in the human body. While she depends on external sources for advice and information, the final call is a result of the intuitiveness that comes from the unconditional love for her employees (children).

Long work hours
The day begins early for the CEO, and she works tirelessly through the long day, only to make sure that the employees’ needs are met. The CEO anticipates what employees want even before they speak and organises the business in such a way that it fosters peace, harmony and happiness.

Guide, mentor and teacher
Prima facie the most important function of the CEO is to throw light on the employees’ path so that they move in the right direction. Teaching, preaching and being a living example or a guiding light is incorporated in her everyday work.

Optimise resources
Resources are limited, and who would know that better than the CEO. She knows best how to keep the division free from prejudice so that everyone gets an equal share. Moreover, by being prudent and cautious she limits the wastage. After all, money saved is money earned.

Health and safety first
Taking full responsibility of the business’ health, the CEO’s actions are planned to keep the business and employees’ objectives as a top priority. She puts down ground rules, policies and practices that will keep the organisation running for years and surviving any unforeseen circumstances.

Disciplinary action
In nurturing growth and setting a high standard for development, the CEO sometimes is compelled to take disciplinary action against employees for one reason or another. It is her responsibility to pull up a person for wrong-doing and nip evil habits in the bud. The disciplinary action will never face revolt from the employees because they know it is for their greater good. This feeling stems from the unconditional love towards the family (the workforce).

Family comes first
For the CEO, business comes first, over and above personal desires. Vacations can wait, music class can be pushed to a later date, but all employee and business needs must be addressed in urgency. She refuses to take time off for herself and her diary is blocked with chores, that will help to improve employees’ life and business goals.

Plan surprises
Who never forgets special occasions? Who is the one who knows how to stay thoughtful and make others feel special? Who brings joy to festivals and adds colours to mundane life!? It is the CEO, the lady who sits at the head of the table in an organisattion.

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