Champs programme at Mahindra holidays helping employees to rise

The initiative is helping employees demonstrate their unique and hidden talents, and also reducing attrition.


Club Mahindra has a lot to offer to all its members during their vacations. From multi-regional cuisine to engaging activities, the travel and hospitality company puts in a lot of effort to satisfy its customers and to make their stay memorable and comfortable. But today we will talk about how Club Mahindra’s own staff members entertain their customers.

While the staff of Club Mahindra Resorts considers it a duty to serve guests and attend to their requests, its members also entertain them with their magical performances.

The employees of Club Mahindra Resorts, whether in housekeeping, accounts, finance or HR, not only carry out their core activities at the workplace but also entertain the members/guests with their talent. Under the Champs programme, all the employees employed at the resorts are given an opportunity to showcase their talents, irrespective of the field, in front of their guests.

The programme was started two years back and was conceptualised by the HR team at Club Mahindra. It encourages the employees at Club Mahindra, who are willing to present/exhibit their talent in dancing, singing or playing any instrument, to participate in the programme.

Prashant Khullar

“The members of Club Mahindra are overwhelmed when they see the person who has been serving them in the morning and afternoon, performing like a celebrity on stage”

The organisation asks its employees for their preferences and puts them into a seven-day training programme to develop and polish their skills in the activity of their choice. It uses internal trainers for this purpose. In some cases, even external trainers are engaged, for instance, a professional from outside to teach an employee to master a particular musical instrument.

According to Prashant Khullar, CHRO, Mahindra holidays & resorts, the Champs programme has played an important role in controlling the attrition level of employees. “Most of the resorts at Club Mahindra are located in secluded places, which are located away from the main cities. Employees wished to move to the metro cities because they lacked the means to entertain or engage themselves. Earlier, the attrition level stood at around 70 per cent or more, but after the introduction of the Champs programme it has gone below 30 per cent,” explains Khullar.

Apart from controlling the attrition levels, the programme also helps encourage and bring out the hidden talent in employees. “The Champs programme is one of the best employee- engagement programmes at Club Mahindra. It celebrates the talent employees possess and also pays gratitude to the employees,” says Khullar.

In another way, the Champs programme has also helped the organisation cut costs otherwise incurred in hiring external agencies for entertaining their members.

Omkar, who works in the housekeeping department at Club Mahindra shares his experience of how the Champs programme gave him the chance to showcase his talent in dance. He feels proud when guests witness his performance.

As most of the employees live in staff accommodations it is easy for them to take out time during shift breaks and meal breaks to practise for their performances.

An employee can perform four to five times a month. To motivate the employees, the organisation has also incentivised this programme. Employees who perform and participate in this initiative get cash incentives for each performance.

Club Mahindra has around 40 resorts all over India, and on an average 100 to 200 employees work in each resort. According to Khullar, as of now, the participation stands at 18-20 per cent. The Champs programme has also affected the talent acquisition process at Club Mahindra. As per Khullar, while hiring front-liners and managers for resorts, apart from core skills in hospitality, they also look for some unique talents in the candidates.

Through this initiative, the Company not only achieves its business agendas but is also able to create a platform where talented employees, such as Omkar and many others can showcase their talent to an audience.

“The members of Club Mahindra are overwhelmed when they see the person who has been serving them in the morning and afternoon, performing like a celebrity on stage,” shares Khullar.

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