Amazon to hike hourly wages by up to $3, step up hiring

Over 5 lakh employees will benefit from this raise


The online shopping giant, which already pays new hires at least $15 an hour, said it will start increasing pay between 50 cents an hour to $3 an hour starting next month.

In a bid to get more people into its workforce, Amazon has announced that it intends to hike the hourly wages for over five lakh employees. The Company already pays $15 per hour to new recruits, and is now set to hike this wage by at least 50 cents to up to $3 an hour with effect from May.

The increment will benefit workers at its warehouses, packers, and the staff at the sorting centres.

This is part of the e-commerce giant’s plans to step up hiring. With the surge in online shopping, Amazon requires more people in its workforce. It took on about five lakh people in 2020 alone and now has an over a million-strong workforce, globally.

Recently, Amazon has been grabbing headlines for all the wrong reasons. Workers’ unions have revealed the deplorable working conditions at its warehouses to the public. There were alarming revelations of drivers having to urinate in bottles due to inhuman schedules and work load. Workers have also been demanding better pay and more frequent breaks between their 10-hour long shifts.

Following the outcry on social media, the Company finally issued a public apology earlier this month, admitting that it was aware of the work conditions and that it would address the issues.

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