HDFC’s HackitUp challenge to hire people in AI and machine learning

As its business units are going through digital transformation, the Bank is all set to identify the country’s top-ranking dot net developers and machine learning experts through its hackathon.


Hackathons are becoming rather popular today, with several companies in the IT and tech industry using these hackathon challenges to hire the best of talent. In what is a rare step in the banking space, recently, HDFC has also announced and launched its own hackathon challenge, called ‘HackitUp’.

Through this event, HDFC is looking to hire developers in niche roles, such as dot net development and machine learning. The Bank is specifically hiring for business verticals, such as IT, BTG, marketing analytics and risk analytics.

The key skills required in the roles for machine learning and data scientists are predictive analytics, python, R, SAS, model deployment ,regression in data mining, AI, and machine learning. The key skills for the role of dot net development are Windows form application (C#, VB.Net SQL DB/Oracle), ASP.NET / MVC (C#, VB.NET and SQL DB/Oracle).

To conduct the hackathon, an online custom programming challenge has been created by the external vendor tailored to the hiring requirements of the Company. The event will be promoted all across the developers’ community in the country.

Developers across India will participate in the challenge and top-ranking programmers will be short-listed and presented with hiring opportunities.

“Specific problem statements have been created and finalised by our technical team members for dot net and machine learning specifically. Aspiring candidates will appear for the challenges on the test dates (remotely) to solve the problem statements using the required skill sets in dot net and machine learning,” conveyed a company official to HRKatha.

Post submission of the tests, the solutions will be submitted online and evaluation will be done on the pre-decided parameters. Short-listing of the candidates will be done basis the selection cutoffs and required candidates will be called for interviews.

HDFC is going through a digital transformation in its business units, for which it requires specific skills. “Our organisation is transforming its business units in the digital space through new- age technologies. These technologies are the prime focus, making the key skills required to work on these technologies as a niche for itself. A limited talent pool creates a challenge for us to speed up the process of transformation by hiring such key skills, and this defines the key business challenge for the organisation,” the official clarified.

Hackathon challenges are one of the best ways to hire top developers and programmers. Machine tests are an integral part of the hiring process. It takes four to five hours for the candidates to complete the test, and the infrastructure to facilitate the test and related activities poses a challenge for organisations. Through hackathons, companies can hire people in specific roles and reach out to premium talent, which is otherwise hard to come by. It also speeds up the whole hiring process.

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