Mad Influence to double workforce by end of 2021

The influence marketing platform is looking to hire motivated and driven young professionals


Mad Influence, India’s influencer marketing platform, is gearing to expand its business portfolio over the next couple of months. In fact, it is looking to double its 20-strong workforce too, for which it is on the lookout for motivated and driven young professionals.

Its team of professionals work with the top-most Indian influencers, celebrities, thought leaders, and YouTube creators to help them deliver quality content, execute creative campaigns, and handle social-media channels for top-tier brands, such as, MamaEarth, Sony Music, Dharma Productions, Vivo and so on.

Gautam Madhavan, CEO, Mad Influence, says, “From being a new face in the market to securing some of the most challenging projects, from building a successful employer brand to achieving zero employee attrition, we, at Mad Influence, have come a long way.”

The pandemic only strengthened the firm’s resolve to “create a secure and growth-oriented environment for all our employees. Hence, now, rather than preparing for a specific next role, we groom our employees’ critical competencies.”

Therefore, the Company is looking for “candidates who can take on unprecedented challenges and show their mettle in overcoming them to achieve business goals.”

Mad Influence has already taken on new talent in market research, brand management, creative strategy and other departments, in the past few months. It believes in quality hiring, promoting job security and growth, building a strong employer brand, and creating an environment that helps the development of critical skills and roles amongst the workforce.

Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, Mad Influence kept its staff happy by recognising accomplishments and milestones, offering flexible working hours, providing an effective communication system, enhanced employee health initiatives, and performance-based financial incentives to boost morale, while promoting a positive work culture.

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