US BPO lays off staff after promising job assurance

The workers, who allege that they were issued termination notices just days after they were assured of job security, are feel betrayed.


US-based BPO firm, First Credit Services, has laid off 80 of its employees who were working out of its Thane office in Mumbai. This comes close on the heels of the Centre and state governments in India requesting public and private organisations to not terminate employees in these turbulent times.

The Company has released a statement saying that its decision to terminate employees is based on the situation in the US and has nothing to do with the ongoing situation in India. Moreover, the firm’s major work was to support the fitness industry in the US and since the entire industry is closed at the moment, the situation is grim and there is no telling what is going to happen next.

Employees, on the other hand, have alleged that the firm went back on its assurance when it sent its employees termination notices. According to the statement issued by one of the workers, on March 20, the firm assured its employees that their jobs are secure. However, immediately after the 21-day lockdown was announced, they were sent termination notices.

The Company has clarified that laid-off staff will be given their dues, such as notice period and salaries. However, the allegations on the Company are revolving around the nature of termination, which has been very sudden and lacked proper communication.

Governments have been pleading with organisations to retain employees during this time, so as to ensure their financial wellbeing and keep their morale high. Recently, the unemployment listing in the US has reached 3.3 million, which is the highest in the history of the country, till date.


  1. Hi sir/madam,

    My name is Ivin Saji Samuel one of the employee who was terminated by FCS as per the article printed on 1st April 2020. We 90 plus employees were terminated in a single night without any prior notice and with no reason mentioned on the termination letter. We sent them email asking in regards to the reason more than three times but didnt receive any reply fr the same. I have around 50 employees who have filed a complaint against the company at the ministry of labour and the commissioner who rolled out this appeal has also commented that they are investigating this case as per the article printed by Free press journal by the journalist Vikas nag, would thank you for taking the initiative to publish this news from your end as we were praying that this reaches the highest authorities and we people who have been terminated get their justice for this barbaric act by the company officials.

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