ReferHire grows its global user base to 500K

The traditional Job Board model is getting phased out and the hiring action is migrating towards social networks.


ReferHire, the global peer to peer hiring network has crossed 500K globally registered users as it continues its journey of building one of the world’s largest p2p social hiring networks.

Launched in 2016, ReferHire is simplifying the key transparency and process inefficienes that exist within the Job and Talent Search process and making hiring easier for all.

At present, the HR teams become a bottleneck in the hiring process for candidates and hiring managers alike, thus creating a sub optimal experience for everyone. The ReferHire peer-to-peer model enables companies to hunt for talent as a team, rather than it remain HR’s sole responsibility. Non HR company employees can also reach out to the talent pool by sharing internal jobs for free, interfacing with job seekers, and recommending the right ones internally.

The big financial win for them is that they supplement their monthly salary by earning their employee referral bonus on a regular basis. Job Seekers connect with these peers in companies of interest who then champion their application internally and help them during the process. The community has already seen employees in more than 4000 companies share internal vacancies and reach out to the talent pool across various geographies.

Rohit Tewari, a serial entreprenuer and founder of ReferHire said, “We have, and continue to see tremendous adoption by users across geographies, industries and experience ranges. Currently India and the US represent our two largest user communities. Most importantly, the higher adoption of ReferHire by experienced professionals validates our view of the market opportunity, as they recognise the critical importance of investing effort in forming peer relationships in companies of interest. Unlike other social networks, ReferHire has been built ground up for hiring and our members recognise the need of creating a customised hiring network that is different to their existing networks on other sites.

The traditional Job Board model is getting phased out and the hiring action is migrating towards social networks. The next evolution will be the formation of p2p hiring networks and we are global thought leaders in this space.” ReferHire is currently in discussions with various investors to raise an investment round to further expand its product offerings and global user base.

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