Rohit Pandit Assumes Role as CMD at Shuzlan Energy

Pandit to steer the transformation of Shuzlan Energy into a leading EV charging infrastructure provider for bus and fleet operators


Shuzlan Energy, India’s fastest-growing electric vehicle charging point operator, is delighted to reveal that Mr Rohit Pandit has taken over the post of Chairman and Managing Director after successfully acquiring a majority stake in the company, signifying a pivotal moment for the company as it enters a new phase of growth and development. Rohit Pandit’s takeover of the post of CMD underscores the company’s strategic vision to expand its footprint in the electric vehicle charging industry, particularly in providing charging hubs for bus and fleet operators all across India. His profound expertise in finance and strategic planning will play a pivotal role in steering the company towards sustained growth and expansion.

Rohit’s strategic direction for Shuzlan Energy entails allocating 80% of the company’s focus towards developing EV charging hubs for bus and fleet operators. These dedicated charging stations will play a pivotal role in supporting the transition to electric mobility in the commercial transportation sector, promoting sustainability, and reducing emissions. Under Rohit’s leadership, Shuzlan Energy plans to install a whopping 750 AC and DC charging points across India. Furthermore, Rohit plans to enter into the strategic partnerships with various fleet operating and management companies, which will enable Shuzlan Energy to create a robust business model for its charging points operation.

In line with his background, Rohit will be focusing on finance and strategy to drive Shuzlan Energy’s expansion in this critical sector.

Expressing his vision for the company, Rohit Pandit said, “Our focus on EV charging hubs for bus and fleet operators is vital to support the government’s clean energy initiatives. We don’t aim to be a company with the maximum number of chargers. Instead, we strive to be the company that ensures maximum utility per day per charger. This approach will not only benefit our clients but will also contribute significantly to a sustainable and cleaner future. I am dedicated to propelling Shuzlan Energy to new heights of success and contributing to the transformation of India’s mobility landscape.

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