New survey uncovers truth about female employee treatment at Nike

New records and surveys back the claims of the first 4 women to levy sexual harassment, pay discrimination and gender discrimination charges against Nike.


As thousands of pages of records and surveys surfaced from the Nike headquarters, details about the work culture and environment at the company have been uncovered, showing a very concerning reality for its female employees.

Nike has been at the forefront of many social issues, tying themselves to numerous celebrities to push their social narratives. These new discoveries could prove to be extremely detrimental to the multibillion dollar apparel company and its partners.

Since the wake of the #MeToo movement, Nike has been engaged in a long running lawsuit about gender discrimination and sexual harassment after a few female employees spoke out against the sexist and belittling culture in the organisation.

The company has been engaged in the lawsuit since August 2018, when 4 women employees accused the apparel company with allegations of pay disparity and gender discrimination allowing for a work environment that allowed sexual assault.

Recently, 5000 pages of records and surveys were unveiled that provide accurate information on what those women said.

The surveys are called Starfish Surveys and only ten of them have been made public presently. The survey was written by Nike’s female employees and seem to echo the same sentiments regarding sexist attitudes, corporate bullying and sexual harassment.

A female employee wrote, “When I received this questionnaire, I asked several of my female coworkers what they thought of working at Nike. I asked how fairly they were treated based on performance vs gender. All unanimously talked about the ‘the Boys Club’ of Nike. A giant men’s sports team, where favoritism prevails and females couldn’t possibly play in the sandbox.”

Business Insider reported that female employees were told to ‘dress nicer’ and ‘show some skin’ by a male executive.

One survey mentioned that some of the executives were well known philanderers with lower level employees whom they exert influence and power over. While another survey wrote about how she caught a male employee receiving oral sex at the company gym from an employee who was not very high up the employee ranking.

Reports of male employees getting drunk on company trips, putting their arms around female employees or asking subordinate female employees on ‘work dinners’.

The surveys also stated that the company had a pressure-cooker environment where as per the Insider report women felt they were treated as inferior.

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