17 new castes to receive reservation in education, employment: Telangana govt


To the existing list of 112 castes in the Other Backward Classes (OBC), the Telangana government has approved the inclusion of 17 new castes, following the recommendations of the state’s Backward Classes Commission. The castes under the OBC list are divided into A, B, C and D groups, based on their backwardness, and enjoy a total of 25 per cent reservation in education and employment.

Now, as per the state cabinet’s decision on September 7, out of the 17 new castes, 13 will be included in Group A of the OBC list, while four will be included in the Group D category. Henceforth, people belonging to these castes will enjoy the benefits offered by the state government under the reservation quota.

Addapuvaru, Bhagavatula, Bail Kammara/Chigadi/Gadia Lohar, Eenuti/Yenati, Ganjikoti/Ganjikooti, Goud Jetti, Kaki Pagadala, Patamvaru,/Masailhlu, OAD/OD/ODD, Sonnail/Sonnayollu, Sri Kashitriya Ramajogi/Ramajogi, Dheracheerali/Telsuri/Telsoori and Tolubommalata Varu/Boppla, are the new castes that will be included in Group A.

Under Group D, the castes Aheer/Aheeryalu, Govili/Govill/Gouli, Kullakadigi/Kullikadigi/Chittem and Taroollu/Soma Vamasa Kshatriya will be added.

These castes, who had never enjoyed any reservation earlier, comprise nomads and semi-nomads and are considered to be the most backward classes (MBC).

Last year, the Telangana OBC Commission had submitted a report following a detailed study that lasted over two years, about the sociological conditions of the MBC. The Commission had concluded that 17 castes could do with reservations.

Almost 10,000 families will benefit from this inclusion.

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