200 artisans in Telangana power utility fired for participating in strike

 The situation highlights the ongoing tensions between management and employees in the power sector in Telangana, where workers have been demanding better pay and working conditions for some time 


Telangana power utility management terminated 200 artisans from their service on 25 April, 2023 after warning employees to end their strike and resume work. The remaining employees were given until Wednesday morning to resume their duties or face termination. 

The Telangana Vidyut Employees Union and Ittehad Electricity Contract Employees Union had issued a notice to go on strike on Tuesday, supporting six demands for artisans in power utilities. However, the chairman and managing director of TS TRANSCO and GENCO, D Prabhakar Rao, stated that the strike did not significantly impact power supply in the state as the management had made alternative arrangements. He further stated that the strike was illegal despite an agreement signed on April 19 by the trade unions before the joint commissioner of Labour under the Industrial Disputes Act. 

The Telangana Vidyut Employees Union proposed a strike on pay and allowances revision for employees, artisans, and pensioners, implementation of GPF for employees recruited between February 1, 1999, and August 31, 2004, and several other issues related to employees and artisans. 

The termination of 200 artisans has raised concerns among the unions, who have condemned the decision and called for a statewide protest against the move. They argue that the termination is an unfair and punitive action against workers who were exercising their right to strike.

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