5000 employees will be reduced at T-Mobile

Roles are cut due to redundancy, evolving systems, or misalignment with goals, per company. Employees were informed by September's end that no major future layoffs were planned 


T-Mobile has unveiled its plan to reduce its workforce by 7 per cent, which translates to 5,000 employees being laid off. This decision, made public on 24 August 2023 , will be executed over the course of the next five weeks and will primarily impact corporate and certain technology positions. The positions affected by the layoffs are those that are either redundant in nature, closely tied to evolving systems or procedures, or not in line with the company’s present objectives, as conveyed by the company in a communication addressed to the staff.

By the end of September, employees will be informed about whether they have been impacted by these changes. According to the company, there are no plans for further widespread layoffs in the foreseeable future.

T-Mobile has noted that the expenses associated with attracting and retaining customers have increased compared to previous quarters. The intended outcome of these layoffs is to make the company’s operations more efficient. Severance packages, based on their duration of employment, will be provided to the laid-off employees. Additionally, they will receive a minimum of 60 days of paid transition.

In 2019, T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint took place, with the promise of generating 11,000 new jobs by 2024. The company staunchly stated that this was not a mere goal but a concrete commitment. T-Mobile criticised economists who predicted job cuts as a result of the merger.


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