6% salary hike for Tangedco employees: Tamil Nadu govt

The wage revision will benefit 75,978 employees


Tangedco has finally consented to the 6 per cent salary hike for its employees after a prolonged deadlock. The wage revisions and negotiations were made official by the electricity minister, V Senthil Balaji, on Wednesday.

If  media reports are to be believed, the new wage revision will be advantageous for a total of 75,978 employees, and service weightage will benefit 62,548 employees.

As per media reports, the long four hour meeting involved many senior officials from Tangedco’s management along with its chief managing director (CMD), Rajesh Lakhani. Along with the six per cent increase in wages, the representatives have also agreed to an additional three per cent for workers who have served for more than ten years.

As a result of the wage revision, Tangedco will face an extra yearly cost of 527 crore rupees, along with 622 crore rupees for clearing arrears dating back to December 1, 2019. It is also said that the minister, Senthil Balaji claimed that the wage revision should have been initiated earlier, and held the previous AIADMK government responsible for the delay. 

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