Airports Authority of India’s initiative to ensure employee health

The mobile app, Skyfit, will help employees deal with occupational stress.


Skyfit, is the name of the mobile app that has been introduced by the Airports Authority of India (AAI) to helps its pilots, cabin crew, ground staff, flyers, and air traffic controllers deal with occupational stress.

The official mobile app was recently launched by Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu for the benefit of the aviation fraternity.

With the aviation industry having grown in leaps and bounds, the pressure on human resources has also mounted immensely. In addition to improved job planning, better work systems and work environment as well as reduced working hours, the launch of Skyfit will now help reduce the occupational stress of aviation personnel. This will go a long way in ensuring safety of the crew and passengers too.

Simple breathing exercises have been developed in consultation with medical experts that can reduce the stress of aviation staff. Reducing stress is the first step to ensuring better quality of life for the employees, which in turn results in enhanced productivity and customer satisfaction.

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