All-India Quarterly Establishment-based Employment Survey (AQEES) to cover 9 sectors

The survey will measure the change in jobs in establishments across the manufacturing, construction, trade, transportation, education, health, accommodation and restaurants, IT/BPO, as well as financial services sectors


The Labour Bureau under the aegis of the Ministry of Labour and Employment will be conducting the All-India Quarterly Establishment-based Employment Survey (AQEES). This survey will study the change in jobs in establishments across nine sectors, including manufacturing, construction, trade, education, transportation, health, accommodation and restaurants, information technology (IT) and business process outsourcing (BPO), as well as financial services.

The survey will look at the rate and level of employment generation in the formal and informal sectors.

The two components of AQEES are, the Quarterly Employment Survey (QES) —covering establishments that employ at least ten workers — and the Area Frame establishment survey (AFES) — covering establishments nine or less than nine workers.

Ministry of Labour has also revealed that the suggested migrants’ survey, will examine the details of migrants, including their finances, housing, consumption expenditure, and financial inclusion. It will also capture data pertaining to the migrant workers’ gender, level of education level, social group, vocational/technical training, and change in income post migration. The study will provide valuable information on the socio-economic conditions of migrant workers.

The technical aspects of the survey will be guided by a panel of experts. Four surveys were scheduled to be undertaken, with their results to be shared starting April 2021, but the second wave of the pandemic has delayed matters.

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