Almond Solutions offers unlimited leaves to employees

The company is also aiming to triple its workforce by 2024


Almond Solutions, a marketing technology firm, has announced unlimited leaves for all its employees. The Company which employs close to 100 people, wants to create a culture and a work environment where every employee enjoys flexibility, which will further lead to better productivity and quality of work.

The firm aims to build a workplace where employees do not experience burnout. The mantra it follows and gets its employees to follow too is to perform with full commitment, and in turn everyone gets to enjoy their share of flexibility, which they deserve.

Apart from this, the Company has also implemented a hybrid work policy which allows employees to enjoy time with family members at home. As per Abhinav Jain, CEO, & co-founder, Almond Solutions, the employees are the backbone of the Company and “it is our top priority to ensure that they remain physically and mentally healthy. We introduced an unlimited leave policy to allow them to stay off work as long as they want and spend time with their families to de-stress and refresh”.

The unlimited WFH means that people will visit office only when necessary. All of these policies have been designed such “that teams and managers ensure that the work doesn’t get affected,” shares Jain.

In the last one and a half years, the Company has managed to double its headcount and is looking to hire and expand further. By 2024, it expects to triple the headcount. Almond has also closed received seed funding last month from HEXA Global Ventures, a US-based investment firm.

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