Amazon’s rehire attempts rejected 4 times by ex-employee

The ex-employee said that a month before his layoff, his manager assured him his job was secure


A worker who lost their job at Amazon in the January round of layoffs, rejected four offers to return to work. The company was persistent to call the employee back but he didn’t want to return. The employee then revealed why he left the workplace and why the company tried to rehire him.

The former employee was employed with Amazon as a business analyst, but was quite unhappy with the job. According to an article in Insider, the ex-employee mentioned that just a month before he got laid off, his manager had told him he didn’t have to worry about losing his job because his work was essential and irreplaceable. He also revealed that two months before the layoffs, Amazon had asked employees to document their tasks and responsibilities.

However, when individuals began making changes to the work of others and taking credit for tasks they hadn’t actually completed, the whole system became disorderly. Regrettably, the ex-employee’s coworkers put their names on his projects, falsely suggesting that he hadn’t made any individual contribution.

Even after the clear warning signs, the management chose to ignore the issue, stating that it was not something he should be worried about. However, in January, the said employee got a sudden email from the company that his services were no longer required.

Despite the management telling him that there was no need to worry about his job, the company terminated his services. Although the company did offer options to the laid-off workers to work elsewhere within the organisation, the said ex-employee didn’t feel valued and had no interest in going back to Amazon.

Reportedly, even though he was without a job, he remained determined to reject Amazon’s attempts to rehire him. He had lost trust in the company and couldn’t picture himself returning to a place where he had been terminated without a valid reaso

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