AP govt eases employee transfer ban for 10 days

The Andhra Pradesh govt has justified that they are committed towards the welfare of their employees and wish to promote a healthy work-life balance 


To ensure the right placement of employees and prioritise work-life balance, the government of Andhra Pradesh has revoked the restriction on the transfers of employees working for the state government. The move is believed to boost optimum productivity among the employees for further govt development objectives.

This decision supersedes two previous orders that imposed the transfer ban. The State Government issued new guidelines and principles for transfers and postings for the year 2023 through a Government Order (GO Ms. No.71).

As per the instructions provided by the chief secretary, the employees who have served at a single location for more than two years may be relocated to new positions. The transfers are anticipated to occur between May 22 and May 31, 2023, based on the orders issued by the chief secretary.

Andhra govt had previously banned the transfer of employees twice, mentioned in the GO Ms No 116, dated 07-06-2022, and GO Ms No 122, dated 16-06-2022. The recent GO has been declared this Wednesday. In the recent GO, the govt has justified that they are committed towards the welfare of their employees and they want the employees to achieve a healthy work-life balance where they can live contented lives with their families. 

As per the order, employee transfers will be conducted in two categories. Request transfers will be granted to those who have been stationed at the same place for a maximum of two years, as well as those who have completed five years of service by April 30, 2023. However, employees who have been stationed at the same location for a period of five years are required to undergo a mandatory transfer.

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