Black employee accuses Facebook of racial discrimination


A Black employee at Facebook has formally filed a complaint saying that the organisation does not provide equal opportunities to its Black employees to grow and advance in their careers.

Oscar Veneszee Jr has alleged that while Facebook has goals in place to increase diversity within the organisation, it does not actually nurture a culture where people of colour are given opportunities to work and grow. Veneszee himself claims that despite being appreciated by his manager for his abilities and leadership qualities, he never received a promotion, depriving him of a chance to earn a way better salary and enjoy other perks. He has also complained of hostility and racial discrimination within the organisation, which have prevented him from progressing in his career.

While Veneszee has been working with Facebook for the past three years, he is joined by other Blacks who claim to have applied to the organisation for jobs but were apparently not given an opportunity because of their colour. This is in violation of federal and state law.

The complaint does not really come as a surprise since Facebook has long been criticised for its lack of diversity. Hardly four per cent of its workforce in the US comprises Blacks. The percentage is even less, about three per cent, in leadership positions, as per its diversity report.

Two years ago, another Black employee had written a memo before leaving the Company alleging that he had been excluded at Facebook and faced discrimination during his tenure.

Many current and former employees had followed suit last year, opening up about their own encounters with racial discrimination at the Company.

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