Canada introduces new initiative to attract skilled newcomers

This process aims to welcome individuals who possess the necessary skills and expertise to fill key roles and contribute to the country's workforce. By prioritising specific job sectors, Canada aims to meet its labour needs while enhancing its overall economic strength


Canada has introduced a new process to attract skilled immigrants in priority occupations as permanent residents, aiming to meet labour demands and strengthen the economy. The minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship, Sean Fraser, announced the implementation of category-based selection within the express entry system. This year, selection invitations will focus on candidates with strong French language proficiency or work experience in fields such as healthcare, agriculture, STEM professions, and trades. 

Canada’s new approach empowers the country to extend invitations to potential permanent residents who possess targeted skills, training, or language abilities. By adopting this strategy, Canada can effectively identify individuals who have the specific qualifications and attributes needed to contribute to the country’s workforce and overall development. 

The tailored selection process ensures that those invited to become permanent residents possess the desired expertise and capabilities, aligning with Canada’s economic and labour market priorities. This focused approach allows Canada to strategically attract and integrate individuals who can make valuable contributions to the country’s growth and prosperity.

Immigration plays a pivotal role in driving Canada’s labour force growth, especially in sectors grappling with shortages of skilled workers. Recognising the significance of immigration in addressing these labour gaps and fostering economic prosperity, the Canadian government has made amendments to the immigration and refugee protection act. These changes facilitate the selection of immigrants based on key attributes that align with the country’s economic priorities.

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