Cirrus Logic CEO’s salary reduced by 10%; company shares rise by 3%

Cirrus Logic has approved its CEO's request to reduce his salary by 10% to $655,200. Forsyth voluntarily made this request, which coincides with a workforce reduction at the company


Cirrus Logic, a prominent company in the technology industry, has recently made an important announcement regarding John Forsyth, CEO, and the measures being taken to address market conditions and product delays. In a move that demonstrates his commitment to the company’s well-being, Forsyth has voluntarily requested a reduction of 10 per cent in his salary, resulting in a revised amount of $655,200.

The decision to reduce the CEO’s salary comes as Cirrus Logic faces challenges associated with the overall market landscape and the unforeseen delay of a highly anticipated product that was originally slated for release this fall. The company is now forced to reevaluate its strategies and adjust its workforce accordingly. As a result, the company has determined that a reduction of 5 per cent in its total workforce is necessary.

In order to address these challenges and ensure future success, Cirrus Logic is implementing several strategic measures. One of the key focuses is on improving operational efficiency. This includes making strategic decisions regarding product prioritisation, investing in research and development initiatives, and leveraging opportunities to streamline general and administrative expenses.

Cirrus Logic is committed to transparent communication and providing stakeholders with relevant information. In an official filing, the company stated that it is taking steps to enhance operational efficiency through product prioritisation, strategic investments in research and development (R&D), and optimising general and administrative expenses (SG&A). 

Despite the challenges faced, the announcement has had a positive impact on investor sentiment. The news of the CEO’s voluntary salary reduction, along with the company’s proactive steps to address market conditions, has resulted in a 3 per cent increase in Cirrus Logic’s premarket shares on July 13, 2023.  

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