58,000 employees of general insurance PSU sector will go on 2-day strike

The Union has planned the strike on 27 and 28 July 2022


Since the pay revision for PSU employees working in the general Insurance sector has been pending for a long time, the General Insurance Employees Union (GIEU), Western Zone has said that about 58,000 employees in the general insurance sector in India will go on a two-day indefinite strike on 27 and 28 July, to show their disengagement with the management.

Largely, the employees of four main PSUs in India working in the general insurance sector, mainly The Oriental Insurance in New Delhi, National Insurance in Kolkata, United India Assurance in Chennai and Mumbai-based, The New India Assurance.

The GIEU organised a press conference in Mumbai, which was addressed by working president Lalit Suvarna, chairman Udayan Banerjee, and its secretary Jitendra Ingle. It said that the last pay revision took place in the year 2012 and was valid for five years. The next pay revision was supposed to come into effect from 31 July 2017, which never happened. Now, it will be 10 years on July 31, 2022, since the last pay revision took place.

The Union said that the pay revision for PSU banks happened a few years ago. While the same for Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) happened six months back, the General Insurance PSUs (PGICs) have been left out.

The Union says that PGICs have been ignored by the ruling government and the upcoming protest will show their disengagement.

The union has written a letter to the Centre regarding their salary woes, but there has been no response from the Government. In fact, the employee union had proposed a one-day strike on 15 July, which the Government requested the Union to postpone, without any result.

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