Capgemini revises leave policy, caps all leaves till June end

Employees of the IT firm have been told their salaries will be deducted if they take leave, while those without any project at hand have been forced to take 15 days of leave.


Information technology (IT) and consulting company, Capgemini, has asked its employees to not take a single day off till the end of June. Those who do, will have to face a pay cut as per the Company’s directive. Employees who have no project in hand at the moment, on the other hand, have been asked to apply for 15 days’ leave immediately.

The employees were told of this revised leave policy through an e-mail. It has been made clear to them that the eight leaves that they were entitled to for the period March to June stand cancelled, and only about 15 leaves will be carried forward from last year. As per the original leave policy, employees were allowed two leaves every month, which they could use the same month or later by clubbing with leaves entitled for other months. However, now with the amended policy, the employees cannot take any leaves till the end of June. If they do, they risk getting their pay cut.

The plight of those who are not part of any project presently is even worse. They are being forced to apply for 15 days of leave, and some of them don’t even have that many leaves left. This means, they will be forced to take a pay cut. Employees who had been saving leaves last year, hoping they would be carried forward are also feeling cheated.

With Capgemini recently having acquired a French company, the employees are unable to understand why the Company is resorting to pressurise the workforce in this manner, that too when it has been performing well.

Showing support to these employees, the National Information Technology Employees Sena (NITES) has taken up the issue with the chief minister of Maharashtra. However, the Company maintains that this is just a temporary measure taken for the second quarter specifically, and that the leave policy for the rest of the year will remain unchanged.

Later Capgemini issued an official statement clarifying its stand on this.

“During these unprecedented times, Capgemini’s highest priority continues to be to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees. Our variable pay for year 2019 was payed-out to all eligible employees last month as normal. We are going ahead with increments and promotions for all junior professionals effective from April 1, 2020. This constitutes more than 70 per cent of our team members in this cycle. For the rest, planned increments and promotions have been deferred by one quarter and will then go ahead. We have tweaked the leave accumulation only up to Q2 end, and only as an interim measure. Our overall leave policy for the rest of the year remains unchanged and employees can continue to accrue leave as per the policy.”


  1. They deduct your hard earned money as variable money for one year and when it is turn to payback next year in March, they treat as if they have done a great job giving 100% variable during Covid 19. Capgemini head should understand that when they had deducted variable pay, during that time Covid was not in picture,

  2. Capgemini always has reasons (excuses really) to “not pay” employees’ hard earned money. Either they will come up “0% hike” logic or will say that the employee is already earning on the higher side of the band Or they will now capitalize on this Covid situation. Never have they come up with one good reason to do something worthy n good for their employees – their salary standards are pathetically low!! They should stop bragging about their so-called values!!

  3. Completely false of company i also got the mail this article talks complete false statement.
    No one has said there will be any salary deduction if we take leaves till.june they have said if vacation balance is more than 15 till june 30 it will be chopped to 15.
    They are giving normal.hike to 70% emps of company.
    In this tough times you should be happy part of company instead getting fired even gov’s are planning cut offs.

    • You are pakka chamcha of or some one in management. This Rascal company has deducted 26 leave of mine. first they do not give leave starting march till June. Every year the had cap of 30 leaves to carry forward. On top of that this sudden or hidden policy. Not a single mail circulated to employees. Back of curtain you deduct leaves without knowledge of employees , in name of pitty policy..

      You are making comments like Capgemini is END OF WORLD. No companies is fraudulent like this one

  4. As an professional HR Officer. I feel cancelling leaves from March to June quarter is OK and not a cheating.
    In this pandemic situation all employees should understand that all companies has suffered a financial loss and they have to cover it in some or other way, either pay cut, Loss of Jobs etc.

    Also the point of not giving any paid leave till June is OK but SL should be given as normal.

    Overall good business and employee driven amendment.

    • Unfortunately it seems that you are biased HR professional and bitter part is that you are not understand the roles and responsibility of HR. Even I am not right to evaluate your skills.
      Instead one question to your company and all respective companies, why you do not cut your profit this year? You had earned good profit each year thru hard work of your employees. It’s time to stand with your employees, and good to stop foul play.

      And About Capegmini, is a top 10 IT world leader with good market value.

  5. The company maintains a private PF fund and on seperation does not transfer the PF amount. I have been chasing them continuosly but no action from them.

  6. Its just setting up examples foe other Indian companies like wipro, tech mahindra and hcl todo the same for their employees. The real scenario is so, that even some of the financial services accounts are also forcing its people who are on billable projects to apply for leaves. Its all coming from Indian leadership of the company. So next time if you have an offer from Capgemini, just think twice about it..

  7. Company says they have tweaked leave policy only for Q2, after that rest of the year original leave policy will remain same.. but what about the damage that company does in this Q2.. they are going to deduct as many as 26 leaves per employee.. there is no mention of this point !! its like you kill a person in Q2 and then say after Q2 you can live a normal life as usual.. !!

  8. pls allow anonymous comments.. as u all know nobody ll put real comments as employees fear action from their companies.. also such a feature will bring loads of traffic to your website.. as u ll give us all freedom to speech (as anonymous contributors) obviously some bots can be put in place to discard bad comments..

  9. its a high request.. already u hv 1lac hits on this article.. pls allow anonymous comments.. immediately.. no delays.. as u all know nobody ll put comments with their real name and email id, as employees fear action from their companies.. also such a feature will bring loads of traffic to your website.. as u ll give us all freedom to speech (as anonymous contributors) obviously some bots can be put in place to discard bad comments..

  10. It is not only for Mumbai employees, even Bangalore location employees are facing the same problem. People who are working as a shadow resource(Which by default includes most of the people who joined after December 2019) in projects are also forced to apply for leave from April 7th.

  11. Dear Mr Sanjeet , Just to let you know Capgemini does not have any CL or Medical leave. Only have PL and for medical emergency.. employee have to take PLs (Earned Leave) ..

  12. People always have complains about everything and governments nearly reduced to passing orders why can’t they come up and say we defer 40 to 50 percent of tax for companies in covid 19 period… Who is responsible for losses happening to companies…..

    • You are pakka chamcha of or some one in management. This Rascal company has deducted 26 leave of mine.

      In this tough time you are thinking of profiting by killing poor employees that too under the carpet. Is this your corporate ethics. Why don’t you take a hit on your profit as every other company does.

      You are not laying off employees because you know you have to pay hefty money in bulk layoffs. Or may be it is pretext of layoff. you reduce employee leaves. and then initiate a mass layoff. Such a Rascaldom

  13. i Agree with your statement atleast capgemini give values to their employees but some of them are so greedy that they dont cooperate with organisation always respect that org from where you learn and earn i think this topic is not such a big deal

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