Employees of Arunachal Pradesh to receive tough location allowance (TLA)

The employees of the state government will now enjoy 7th Pay Commission benefits.


Arunachal Pradesh will bring into effect various 7th Pay Commission benefits for its state government employees, who will end up getting more money in hand.

Regular government employees will now receive Tough Location Allowance (TLA) as per the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission and contingency employees will receive a hike in salary too.

The increments will come into effect from January.

In addition, the minimum wages of skilled and unskilled contingency workers, casual workers and daily labourers employed by state government organisations will also see a significant hike.

The wages on appointment of unskilled contingent employees, casual workers and daily labourers will start in the Rs 8,000 – Rs 10,000 per month range, which is a 25 per cent increase. For skilled contingent employees, casual workers and daily labourers, the minimum initial wage would be Rs 9,000 per month and maximum will be Rs 11,000 per month, which is an increment of 22.22 per cent.

Those unskilled contingency employees who have put in five to 10 years of service will now earn Rs 11,000 per month, that is, Rs 2000 more than they got earlier. The skilled workers with five to 10 years of service, who used to get Rs 9,500 will now get Rs 12,000 per month, a hike of 26.32 per cent. Unskilled and skilled employees who have completed 10-15 years of service will receive a 20 per cent and 19.23 per cent hike in wages respectively.

Those unskilled workers who have devoted over two decades of service, will enjoy a 45.45 per cent hike whereas the skilled workers will get 47.83 per cent hike.

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