Government staff in Andhra Pradesh unhappy with PRC recommendations

The employees feel that implementation of the PRC recommendations will lead to a reduction in their salaries


Chief Secretary Sameer Sharma has assured government employees in Andhra Pradesh that they will not face any cut in their salaries post implementation of 11th Pay Revision Commission (PRC) recommendations, and that their gross salaries will actually increase.

With the State gearing to tackle a third wave and the impact of the spread of Omicron, he requested state government employees to be considerate of the depleting revenue of the state. He pointed out that the state government employees in Andhra Pradesh are in a more advantageous position as compared to the state government employees of other states, in terms of salaries and benefits.

He drew attention to the fact that the revenue of Andhra Pradesh as dipped drastically from Rs 98,000 crore per annum to Rs 62,000 crore owing to the pandemic.

The employees had threatened to go on a strike against the implementation of the PRC recommendations, which they feel will reduce their salaries by at least about Rs 6,000 per month. They feel that the state government is trying to include dearness allowance in the PRC package whereas they should be treating DA as a separate component.

The employees prefer the old salary structure and are not ready to believe that as per the PRC recommendations their gross salary would remain unaffected.

Their argument is that if the DA component is done away with and if the decreased house rent allowance is taken into account, they would lose out on around Rs 6,000 to Rs 7,000.

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