New grades, pay structure, benefits for Air India Express, AIX Connect

The revision is expected to improve transparency and promote career development of all employees


With an aim to ensure a clear career path for the employees and permit more transparency Air India Express and AIX Connect have rolled out new grades, pay and benefits.

The move is expected to help draw quality talent and also retain the best talent within the organizations. This is also a step towards merger and integration.

With the revised system streamlining grades and career paths, there will be more transparency and more opportunities for employees to further their careers. This will also ensure that the pay and benefits become competitive.

The Tata Group is in the process of finalising a fresh business structure that will ensure parity in pay across the merged Air India Express and Air Asia India.

Simply put, the legacy pay structure that was being followed at Air India Express is now being restructured. This comes close on the heels of Air India and Vistara undergoing a salary restructuring post merger.

The Tata Group is reportedly in the process of creating a new brand identity of Air India Express. The newly branded Air India Express will roll out its first aircraft Its first aircraft in a month or two post arrival of its new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

As of now, Air India Express (AIXL) connects 14 regional international locations from 20 Indian cities, while Air India Express Connect or AIXC flies to 19 domestic locations.

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