Pay disparity at Citigroup; women paid 29% less than men

The Company will be attempting to achieve 100 per cent parity.


Citigroup pays its women employees 29 per cent less than its men according to a latest report. Women occupy only 37 per cent of the senior positions even though they comprise almost 50 per cent of the workforce.

According to the global head-HR of Citigroup, ‘the numbers are difficult,” and the Company is aiming to achieve 100 per cent parity. The review focused on three countries making up 36% of its workforce.

The report tells a different story to last year’s report, which projected an ideal environment. The current disclosure according to the Company is an attempt by the Company to remain transparent and improve diversity.

Citigroup had come out with a plan in 2018, to improve gender balance and racial representation by 2021.

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