PhD candidates offered Rs 8,000 salary; netizens call it shameful

The South Asian University posted a job advertisement for two positions as research assistants


The Delhi-based South Asian University has faced criticism for its decision to offer a salary of Rs 8,000 for the role of a part-time research assistant. Social media users and critics have expressed their discontent, highlighting the fact that the monthly remuneration is exceptionally low, particularly considering the requirement of a postgraduate degree for applicants interested in the position.

The incident started on Wednesday, May 24, when the South Asian University posted a job advertisement for two positions as research assistants. The opportunity was posted for research assistants for a project titled ‘India and the UN security council: Reaching beyond the permanent seat.’ Additionally, the candidates were also offered flexible working hours till the completion of the project, i.e. for ten months.

Furthermore, the posting invited applicants who possess a doctorate (PhD), master of philosophy (MPhil), or postgraduate degree in international relations or a relevant field, with a minimum of 55 per cent marks. The position also required the candidate to reside in Delhi for the duration of the research.

As for the compensation, the salary offered to the right candidate is Rs 8,000 per month, encompassing all expenses.

After reading the requirements for the job and the compensation offered, the advertisement received predominantly unfavourable responses, with numerous individuals criticising the university for the ‘inadequate salary.’ Netizens labelled it as a “disgraceful” proposal, questioning the rationale behind setting such a low salary on this significant subject with a part-time research assistant.

Another Twitter user also offered some tips to the candidates and urged the Indian working class to refuse to accept such laughable compensations and start demanding fairer pay instead of falling into the scarcity trap.

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