Tesla settles with former contract worker for $13million

The ex-employee had become permanently disabled as a result of an accident while on duty.


Teodara Tapia, a former contractor at Tesla, had become permanently disabled on being hit by a Model S sedan, while on duty. Tesla has agreed to pay her $ 13 million, as she has suffered serious and permanent injuries that have left her disabled for life.

Tapia, was employed as a janitor at Tesla’s vehicle-assmbly plant in Fremont, California. She was hit by Joseph Aguilar, an employee of West Valley Staffing Group, while he was attempting to move a Model S sedan from one part of the warehouse to another, when he was not even certified to drive the vehicle.

As a result of the hit, Tapia suffered serious injuries to the lower part of her body, which rendered her permanently disabled.

Even though Aguilar was an employee of West Valley Staffing Group, Tesla agreed to share the liability for Aguilar’s deed with West Valley because it felt equally responsible.

Though there is no likelihood of Tapia getting back to her feet and leading a normal life, the settlement will definitely take care of her needs for a long long time.

This is not the first time that Tesla has made headlines in relation to workers’ safety. There have been reports that the electric car manufacturer has often misreported accidents at the workplace. The Company is also known to flout safety norms and markings for aesthetic reasons. It has also been accused of not providing adequate care and treatment to injured employees.

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