Up to 25% pay cut for Googlers working from home

The Company is modelling a new pay structure based on each employee’s location of residence and distance from office


With Googlers set to return to office in September, the Company plans to follow a new salary structure. According to the new model, which will be based on the employee’s residence location and the commute time to the office, some Googlers who opt for permanent work-from-home may have to take as much as 25 per cent pay cut. On the other hand, some employees, who choose to work from home permanently from the same city in which the Google office is located, may not face any pay cut at all.

The unique salary calculator takes into consideration the area the employees reside in and the distance they have to commute to work. Therefore, employees who reside in towns or regions adjacent to where the Google office is, but opt to work from home, may face a significant pay cut, while those who live in the same city as the Google office, but choose to work from home, may not face any pay cut!

This calculation may result in pay cuts ranging from five per cent to up to 25 per cent. The pay calculation will differ from city to city and state to state, with long commuters facing a bigger pay cut.

Since the salaries offered by Google have always been based on location, those Googlers who plan to shift locations and opt for work-from-home, will be hit hardest.

That means, some of the employees who were considering shifting to a new location from where to work remotely, may now even opt to undertake an hour or two of commute to work from office, just to avoid the pay cut.

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