Disgruntled Jet Airways pilots may refrain from additional duties

The pilots have threatened to strictly adhere to the roster from next month onwards if their dues are not cleared.


Expressing their dissatisfaction over salary dues, the pilots of the cash-strapped Jet Airways have threatened not to take on any additional duties. It is reported that the pilots plan to strictly stick to the roster starting next month if their salary dues are not cleared by the end of this month.

The Airline’s domestic pilots’ body, the National Aviator’s Guild (NAG), is expected to meet to discuss the current financial crisis that it is going through.

Only half of the September salary has been paid to about 1600 pilots. Although the management has assured them that it is working towards the payment of the remainder, the pilots are clearly not happy.

With acute shortage of staff, the pilots have been flying overtime, with some of them doing 90 hours instead of the usual 75 to 80 hours a month.

It is reported that almost ten domestic flights were cancelled all of a sudden from Mumbai recently, supposedly due to scarcity of pilots. However, Jet Airways maintained that the cancellations took place due to operational reasons.

Having incurred heavy losses of over a thousand crore in June, the Airline had promised to release the salaries of its staff in fixed batches, every month. However, it has failed to stay on track with the original and revised schedule of salary disbursement due to lack of finances.

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