‘Enrol 20% women, get financial assistance’: Rajasthan govt to firms


Government of Rajasthan plans to give work-from-home (WFH) jobs to 20,000 women in six months through the ‘Mukhyamantri Work From Home – Job Work Yojana. The state government has said that it will provide financial assistance to private employers / organisations that enrol 20 per cent women in their workforces.

The launch of mahilawfh.rajasthan.gov.in is aimed at empowering women employees in the state, by giving them opportunities to work with government departments as well as private firms. Women may apply for jobs as per their skills across various government offices, public undertakings, private organisations as well as autonomous institutions.

The interested women talent need to simply register on the portal using their Janadhar card and their salaries will be decided accordingly by the department or firms.

The Rajasthan government has set aside a budget of Rs 100 crore for the WFH scheme for women. Till now, more than 150 women and nine companies have already registered for the scheme.

This scheme will ensure that the status of women in society is improved. It will also ensure equal participation of women in development and decision making.

The scheme will also make sure that there is equal distribution of political, social, cultural and economic resources in the society.

The state already has in place a scheme for women entrepreneurs, where women who own small businesses are able to sustain themselves. Called the ‘Mahila Nidhi’ scheme, it offers a loan of up to Rs 40,000 to women to start their own ventures.

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