Fynd promises women greater pay than men

Mends existing pay gap and hikes the salary of all women employees to 10% more than men.



While a lot of conversations are doing rounds across big and small organisations to bridge the existing gender disparity and break down the barriers affecting women at workplaces, Fynd has announced an initiative to eliminate gender bias and motivate more women to join their organisation.

Fynd is a unique omnichannel platform with a unique fashion e-commerce portal which brings the latest in-store fashion online. The O2O company directly sources products across various categories including clothing, footwear, jewellery, and accessories, from the most prominent brands in the country.

Fynd has decided to conduct a recruitment drive in three cities – Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore – inviting 200+ aspiring women engineers to attend it, of which 25-30 deserving candidates would be roped in to be a part of Fynd.

This is a conscious decision taken by the company to increase the number of women in their payrolls and remove or modify policies that carried biased against women.
The company was driven to take this step because statistics revealed alarming data — fewer women employees as compared to men in their engineering organisation, gender pay gap existed in their firm and only a single woman existed in their leadership team.

The company has decided not only to bridge the pay gap for women and level their compensation to men at the same level but also go a step further and offer them an additional 10 percent above this to counter compensate for the difference.

Commenting on this initiative, Fynd Co-founder Harsh Shah says, “Fynd is a modern organization that observes a diverse, collaborative and flexible structure. We wanted to extend our modernity by fixing the existing gender and pay gap in our firm and reinvent our work culture altogether. Currently, we have 60 engineers in our team. We believe our initiative to hire more women engineers in our organization would be well received and more and more women would be motivated to chase their dreams and channelize their strengths in a better manner.”

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