‘Don’t comment on Musk deal on social media’: Twitter directs employees

This statement by the Twitter general counsel comes after the Twitter staff mocked the Elon Musk deal, which seems to be in a crisis right now


After Elon Musk’s legal team conveyed to the US securities that they would want to opt out of the $44 billion deal of acquiring microblogging platform Twitter, the employees at Twitter started posting and commenting about the deal on social media.

The deal went into crisis on Friday, when Musk’s team announced the cancellation of the deal with Twitter. Recently, however, the global media has reported that after seeing how Twitter employees have been commenting about the deal on social media, the general counsel at Twitter has shot off an internal memo to all employees asking them to refrain from commenting on the acquisition deal on social media.

The memo directs Twitter employees to avoid tweeting, slacking, or sharing any information about the merger agreement.

One of the tweets by an employee reportedly mentioned the Disney trip cancelled by Twitter to cut costs because of the merger. Another tweet expressed the happiness of an employee at the deal going into crisis.

The news was first reported by The Verge.

As per earlier reports, from the very start, employees at Twitter were not welcoming of the new of acquisition of Twitter by Musk. They were afraid of their own future and of that of the Company, given Musk’s mindset and approach. Also, during the first interaction with the employees, Musk had made it clear that he would be making certain practical and rational decisions post the finalisation of the deal, keeping in mind the larger good of the organisation. Clearly, he had indicated that there may be layoffs after the acquisition. He had also conveyed that only a select few would be allowed to work from home, while presently, most of the employees are working from anywhere.

Twitter, on the other hand, wishes to ensure that the deal happens.

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