DRDO’s cyber discipline advisory to avoid social media or unknown calls

The organisation has also been arranging training sessions conducted by experts to educate its employees about the importance of cyber discipline


In an attempt to emphasise the importance of maintaining cybersecurity practices, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) recently released a directive to its staff members. The advisory encompasses various measures and precautionary steps to avoid any cyber mishap that could happen at the workplace.

This advisory is prompted by the recent arrest of Pradeep Kurulkar, a senior scientist associated with DRDO. Kurulkar stands accused of divulging sensitive information to operatives from the Pakistani intelligence agency. Kurulkar held the position of director at a research and development establishment for engineers, a laboratory based in Pune. A detailed examination of the confiscated laptop and mobile devices has been carried out, and a comprehensive report has been compiled.

Therefore, as precautionary measures, DRDO has issued several crucial instructions to its employees. The organisation is urging all the employees to refrain from maintaining social media profiles due to their susceptibility to targeting by foreign agencies. Additionally, DRDO has also advised them to refrain from answering any unfamiliar phone calls on WhatsApp or any other calls originating from unfamiliar numbers, as these could potentially be used as traps.

As per an ANI report, DRDO has also been organising training sessions conducted by experts to educate its employees about the importance of cyber discipline. In response to the Kurulkar incident, Dr. Samir V Kamat, chief, DRDO, has acknowledged the matter and emphasised the need for responsible behaviour among its employees.

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