Employee equity allotments: Mahindra Lifespaces and ITC 

Mahindra Lifespaces announced the issuance of 16,666 equity shares at Rs 10 each to eligible employees. ITC also rewarded its employees with 3,50,313 shares at Rs 1 each


On July 26, 2023, Mahindra Lifespaces announced the allocation of 16,666 new fully paid-up equity shares, each with a face value of Rs 10, to eligible employees. These shares were allotted as part of the exercise of options granted under the employee stock options scheme 2012. The company disclosed this information through an official exchange filing.

With this recent allotment, the issued equity capital of Mahindra Lifespaces has increased from Rs 155,08,21,960 to Rs 155,09,88,620, and the subscribed and paid-up equity capital has risen from Rs 154,92,90,070 to Rs 154,94,56,730.

As a testament to the company’s growth, the shares of Mahindra Lifespaces were trading at Rs 493, marking a significant increase of 3.07 percent on July 26, 2023 at 3:30 pm IST.

On the same day, ITC also took a step to reward its employees by issuing and alloting 3,50,313 ordinary shares with a face value of Rs 1 each. These shares were granted upon the exercise of 3,50,313 options by the optionees under the company’s employee stock option schemes. The allocation of shares was officially reported through an exchange filing.

Following this recent allotment, the issued and subscribed share capital of ITC has now increased to Rs 1246,17,71,981, divided into 1246,17,71,981 ordinary shares of Rs 1 each.

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