Employees at Amazon warehouse protest against unhealthy work culture

Workers at Amazon protest against the work culture of the company as it is making them work like robots with too much of work load.


Workers at Amazon’s warehouse raised their voice against the Company’s work culture, which they felt literally made them work like robots. The protest was staged on Black Friday, the day when retailers expect huge profits through mega sales.

Such sales drives mean extra work pressure for warehouse workers who end up working overtime trying to fulfill the high demands.

Union workers in Italy, Germany, Spain and the UK stated that they did not wish to be treated as robots and disapproved of the immense work load and the Company’s hostile stance against the union.

According to the GMB union of the UK, the workers perform under rather unfriendly conditions and cases of employees being injured are plenty. However, Amazon has denied these allegations and insists that it offers a very safe working environment for its employees.

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