Fish farming to create jobs for youth in Uttar Pradesh

The objective is to promote fisheries and create jobs in the rural areas in the process


The Government of Uttar Pradesh, working closely with the Department of Fisheries, is planning to create job opportunities for the youth of the State, in the fish farming space.

Given the potential this sector has in generating employment, the state government is confident that the launch of several schemes will not only promote fisheries but also give the youth a means to earn their livelihood. It will also be a step in the right direction in terms of developing the rural areas.

Since this business can be easily started with low investment, it will be possible for farmers to earn extra income through fisheries as well. The panchayats of villages can also earn by building ponds on the barren lands in the villages, and devote them to fish farming.

The state government will also provide the required training. To facilitate the plan, the state government has already increased the validity of fishery reservoirs from three years to 10 years. As a result, Uttar Pradesh has managed to produce 26.44 lakh MT of fish in the last four years. As many as 1,191.27 crore fishery seeds were produced in four years and 5,902 fish farmers were provided Kisan Credit Cards.

Farmers are also eligible for free fishermen accident insurance under the ‘Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana’, as part of the Atmanirbhar campaign. Houses have been allotted to over 2,000 fishermen since 2017. About 57 fish seed hatcheries have been constructed and 385 fish seed rearing units have been set up in the state.

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