Fujitsu’s Tokyo office bats for better work-life balance

The company is streamlining Tokyo office space by reducing fixed offices, promoting flexible work and using data to optimise operations


In July 2020, Fujitsu launched an innovative ‘Work Life Shift’ programme. The company has embraced a variety of initiatives aimed at empowering employees to have greater control over where and when they work. These efforts also promote the adoption of hybrid work models and utilise data-driven management to enhance employee engagement and productivity in Japan.

The company has announced its latest strategic move to optimise its Tokyo metropolitan office spaces by reducing fixed offices and enhancing the utilisation of external shared offices. It  is hoped that this initiative will align office functions with specific roles and leverage data to visualise employees’ work patterns, promoting efficient and flexible working practices.

Fujitsu is restructuring its main Tokyo offices, including the Kawasaki Plant, Uvance Kawasaki Tower and Fujitsu Solution Square, to align their functions more effectively. The corporate and front desk divisions currently at Shiodome City Centre Head Office will relocate by the first half of FY 2024. These changes will establish Fujitsu Technology Park as a key technology hub and enhance Uvance Kawasaki Tower as a showcase for Work Life Shift initiatives, while Fujitsu Solution Square becomes the central hub for system development and delivery.

The company champions ‘borderless offices,’ enabling employees to select work locations based on tasks and preferences. Leveraging data from attendance, system usage and communication, Fujitsu creates productivity metrics and dashboards. These dashboards offer insights into team location preferences, promoting collaboration and autonomy. The ‘aerukamo’ web app visualises real-time external shared office locations, enhancing communication and team coordination.

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