‘Get vaccinated or get tested every week’: Starbucks to staff

Starbucks has issued a February 9 deadline to the staff to get the jabs and January 10 deadline for revealing vaccination status


Starbucks’ employees in the US have been ordered to get vaccinated by February 9, 2022. If they fail to do so, or submit the certificate as proof, they will have to get tested for the virus every week and submit the negative test results. While exemptions may be made on religious or medical grounds, employees working at the stores will have to undergo weekly testing.

The unvaccinated staff who opt for weekly testing will have to bear the cost of the testing themselves and get tested at a facility meant for the same.

The outlet has mandated that all its 2,28,000 strong workforce in the US submit their vaccination status by January 10.

The Company has communicated to its employees that its sole objective is to ensure that its employees remain safe and protected. Therefore, its employees need to get two jabs of either the Pfizer vaccine or the Moderna one, or one shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

The coffee chain, which is based out of Seattle decided on this mandate in keeping with the guidelines of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), issued for establishments with over 100 employees.

The employees who test positive will be allowed paid leave to isolate themselves. Presently, the Company is allowing its employees to take this paid leave twice, for five days each time.

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