3-day work from office mandatory: Amazon CEO’s ultimatum

CEO Andy Jassy warned that non-compliance could impact job tenure


In August 2023, Amazon US employees received a mail requiring them to work from the office three days a week. The company’s approach to questioning even compliant employees led to dissatisfaction. Consequently, numerous employees are reportedly resigning. This reaction is partly due to the relocation demands of some to central hubs near their teams.

Andy Jassy, CEO, Amazon, warned remote workers against defying the three-day office rule, hinting their time at the company might be short.

He mentioned that the time for debating without action had passed. If employees couldn’t align with this approach, he understood, but it might not be suitable for them to remain at Amazon. The company was resuming at least three days of office work per week, and non-compliance with this was deemed unfair to the team.

For those who declined to relocate closer to their team’s central office, the options were voluntary resignation or seeking an internal job change. The company has also begun cautioning employees about their in-office attendance.

In a recent meeting, Jassy didn’t offer data to back up the need for returning to the office. Instead, he called it a ‘judgement’ call and told employees who didn’t want to stop remote work that they could look for other jobs.

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