32,000 jobs added, vacancies in Canadian healthcare, social assistance sectors rising

Vacancies have gone up by 3.2% in the country in the May-June period


Canada has more jobs on offer now, with about 32,200 vacancies waiting to be filled. As per statistics in the May-June period vacancies rose 3.2 per cent. In June the vacancy rate rose by one per cent compared to the same period in 2021.

The unemployment-to-job-vacancy ratio went as low as 1.0 in June, indicating that there was just one jobless person per vacancy. This is a record low.

The majority of the vacancies are in the healthcare and social assistance sector, where the jobs have gone up 40.8 per cent compared to June 2021.

Over 1.7 lakh jobs were available for the taking in the food and accommodation sector, while over 15,000 jobs were added in the retail trade sector in May. The retail and trade space posted about 1.14 lakh jobs.

Additionally, over 89,000 jobs are available in the construction space and more than 82,000 in manufacturing. About 72,000 vacancies exist in the professional, technical and scientific services sector too.

About 49,000 vacancies exist in transportation and warehousing, while over 41,000 jobs are available in the finance and insurance space.

This is a good scenario for immigrants to enter the workforce. The Government of Canada is looking to open its gates to prospective permanent residents in the next two years.

For three consecutive months now, Canada’s total number of job vacancies has gone beyond a million.

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