Adecco Group launches job portal for displaced Ukrainian refugees

As per UN data, about 3.8 million refugees have fled to neighbouring nations and about 6.5 million are internally displaced


The Adecco Group, the global HR consulting provider and staffing firm, has launched a new portal dedicated to provide jobs to displaced Ukrainians and refugees in countries they have taken refuge. The portal will also allow employers to find suitable workers in countries where the Adecco Group is present. The site can be accessed in either English or Ukrainian.

The portal will help displaced refugees find jobs in more than 60 countries where the Group’s three global business units —Adecco, LHH and Akkodis — are present.

For employers as well, the portal has a special feature that allows companies to post jobs, which can be applied for by the displaced people.

Additionally, the portal allows displaced refugees to upskill and reskill themselves with a free access to online training modules that can facilitate CV building, job search and counselling. Opportunities for reskilling and up-skilling in digital capabilities and language skills among other skills are also available to the refugees.

Links are offered to resources that can help refugees find housing, connect to government sites with information on labour regulations. Initially, this will cover only the European countries.

The Adecco Group has been working for more than a decade now in this area, that is, facilitating the re-entry of displaced people into the workforce in the host countries, informed Alain Dehaze, CEO, Adecco Group.

“We are now leveraging this experience, combined with our core business expertise and scale, to help support people from Ukraine in the context of the current crisis”, he added.

The portal is a step towards ensuring financial stability for refugees and enable them to start their lives afresh and secure their future. This can only happen if they find work.

“We invite organisations across Europe and beyond to participate in this initiative by posting their open roles and offering opportunities to people from Ukraine as they begin to re-establish their lives in neighbouring countries,” says Alain Dehaze, CEO, The Adecco Group.

The Adecco Group has been helping refugees from Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan to enter the labour market, particularly in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Greece. Though the Company has no presence in Russia or Ukraine, it has enabled employment for thousands of people from Ukraine in nearby countries in recent years.

As per United Nations’ data, about 3.8 million refugees have fled to neighbouring nations and about 6.5 million are internally displaced.

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