Air India’ll support 1 mn jobs in the US

By placing an order for about 220 aircraft, comprising Boeing 737 MAX, Boeing 787, and Boeing 777X planes, AI will support a million direct and indirect jobs in the US


Air India’s decision to buy 220 Boeing aircraft, manufactured in the US, will apparently support at least one million jobs across 44 states of the US. This is reportedly Boeing’s third-biggest order in terms of money and the second biggest in terms of volume.

This huge order from India will be a stepping stone to the US becoming the global leader in manufacturing, revealed US President Joe Biden, who said that not all of the one million jobs created via this order will require a college degree.

It is also well timed, amidst growing criticism that Indians are hogging all the tech jobs in the US. With the total economic gain from the deal being about $70 billion, the order is expected to provide about 1.4 million direct and indirect local jobs.

While presently the order is for 190 Boeing 737 MAX, 20 Boeing 787, and 10 Boeing 777X, an additional order for 50 50 Boeing 737 MAXs and 20 Boeing 787 may also be placed later. That means, the total order may even go up to 290 aircraft for a total of about $45.9 billion.

The deal is rather historic and a significant part of the India-US technology and defence partnership involving the governments, universities and businesses of the two countries.

Quite recently, Boeing was in the news when it revealed its intention to axe about 2,000 white-collar jobs in its finance and human resources departments in 2023.

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