Amazon employees secretly removed negative reviews for third-party sellers

Employees allegedly used secret groups on platforms such as Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook to facilitate the illicit removal of negative reviews for third-party sellers


According to recent reports, certain Amazon employees have been involved in assisting third-party sellers delete negative reviews about their products. These employees were allegedly part of secret groups on platforms such as Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook that facilitated these actions. Interestingly, this kind of illicit activity is not entirely new.

However, it seems that similar activities have persisted, as evidenced by the existence of a Telegram group with over 13,000 members. In this group, sellers can allegedly pay an Amazon insider to regain access to their accounts, obtain information about their competitors, and even have negative product reviews removed.

These brokers act as intermediaries between sellers and Amazon employees, offering data in exchange for monetary compensation. Messages within the Telegram group suggest that sellers can receive valuable insights about their accounts by requesting screenshots with internal information from these brokers.

The practice of helping third-party sellers recover their accounts has now become a substantial and profitable enterprise on a global scale. It is certainly not limited to Telegram, because similar services are available on other platforms such as WeChat, WhatsApp and Facebook groups.

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