Amazon to hire 3,000 in Boston

The Company is aiming to double its workforce at the Boston technology hub in the pharmacy, robotics and web services wings, as well as Alexa.


Amazon is gearing up to double its workforce at its Boston technology hub. It will hire for 3,000 jobs across its pharmacy, robotics, web services and Alexa wings. It is on the lookout for software developers, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) experts, product managers, as well as human relations and finance personnel among others.

In the quarter that ended in September, Amazon had taken on over 2,50,000 full-time and part-time workers, adding to its one million plus workforce. In October it again recruited about one lakh.

With sales having increased almost 38 per cent, it will, in all likelihood achieve $121 billin in revenues in the next quarter. The Company already has 800,000 employees working for it in the US alone. With the fresh hiring, it will probably become the second largest employer in the US.

Amazon has leased a 17-story office building in Boston, which is capable of accommodating its evergrowing workforce in the city. The office space that covers about 6,30,000 square-feet will also have innovation labs and spacious common areas for mixed use. Not long ago, it leased a 4,30,000-square-feet office building. Work on the same will be completed in 2021. The space will accommodate about 2,000 employees.

The Company had earlier revealed its intentions to get its employees to return to office, even as it works on expanding in six cities in the US.

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